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Eco Cup 400ml - Yeah Baby

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Eco Coffee Cup 400ml - Yeah Baby

The Cup Stops Here!

That is - "the single-use" cups used everyday with takeaway orders.

Made with naturally organic bamboo fibre, the Eco Cup is a reusable cup you'll want to use over and over again.

Many good reasons to use these:

  1. Helps cut daily consumer waste
  2. Reusable over and over
  3. Naturally organic bamboo fibre, biodegradable at end of product life
  4. BPA and nasty free
  5. Resealable no-drip lid
  6. Top shelf dishwasher safe
  7. Light, bright and lovely to sue
  8. Naturally sterile, no taste residue

Lid and sleeve are made from food grade silicone which isn't biodegradable but are recyclable. 

There's No Excuse for Single-Use!

Made at source of bamboo, China.

The big decision is  "Which design and size?"




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